Hsu east branch requests administrator level trust from the administrator (a group or system administrator) in order to activate SMB vMotion

Hsu east branch requests administrator levjarvees.comel trust from the administrator (a group or system administrator) in order to activate SMB vMotion. In order to use SMB vMotion on a remote computer that does not have administrator level trust on it, the security group must be created and then approved by the user. On this computer, only the security manager (the group or system administrator) that administers the SMB service and is responsible for approving security groups in order to authorize SMB vMotion must be added to the security group. The security manager can be added to the same group or administrator level trust as the user that created the security group. For security groups that are used to authorize SMB vMotion, the security manager must be added as an administrator.

3.11.6 Network Manager access. If the security manager on the remote computer has access to the SMB server, it is also available for network management. To perform network management on the remote computer, use this security manager.

3.11.7 Local management. If the security manager is running on a different computer, there is no need to add a trust in order for it to be used on the remote computer. However, if the security manager is running on a local computer or on a machine that is running as a privileged user (for example, if the local user has administrator permission to write to the SMB server), then you must enable a policy that can be used by the local user to add a trusted account on the local computer. For more information about how to add trust to a user on the local computer, see Local Users.

3.11.8 A security group. If the SMB vMotion configuration is managed for remote users on a computer, there may be multiple SMB vMotion security groups. You must configure two or more of the security groups to be used for SMB vMotion when the security manager is running as the local user. For details, see Add security groups and add them to a trust. To allow local users to log on to the remote computer as바카라사이트 a 바카라trusted user using any of the security groups, add the following lines to the system configuration files: localgroup, trust_list [security_group], server.local The following system configuration option is required to include trust in a security group on the remote computer: user_tls_tls=yes, where TLS is enabled.

3.11.9 SMB logon with local users and users in a trust. To access SMB from an authorized use


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