Murdered uk soldiers family call for calm amid protests

Murdered uk soldiers family call for calm amid protests

Riot police have used tear gas and water cannons ijarvees.comn an anti-terrorism sweep against protesters in central Istanbul after several dozen injured soldiers’s families rallied to express their anger over the killing of a senior soldier’s daughter.

Hundreds of supporters of the slain soldier and his wife rallied as police officers carried out house-to-house searches in the center of the city on Sunday afternoon, police said.

Protests continued through the night, as angry demonstrators demanded the arrest of the commander of the army’s elite special forces unit, who fired a single shot at a protester last Thurs바카라day in the western border town of Diyarbakir.

About 700 people, mainly soldiers, were injured in the attack that sparked mass outrage in Turkey.

“The army has shown itself as a criminal organization by firing a single shot in the face of a soldier’s daughter,” said Mustafa Bausseghin, a member of parliament who led demonstrators for the past three hours during a rally in a mosque. “There is no question about it. They are trying to hide something.”

Protests escalated on Saturday after dozens of senior officers were killed in the police raid on a military base in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir lasjarvees.comt Sunday, and army chief of staff Gen. Hulusi Akar took to the streets to demand his resignation.

He later told a group of journalists he was confident “there would be no repeat” of the police raid, adding that the government would carry out an internal investigation.


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