Basin authority furious about state funding cuts in budget

Basin authority furious about state funding cuts in budget

Garrett was first elected with $3,300 in the bank, but a series of small campaign expenses led him to lose his office.

He later filed an ethics complaint after a state official alleged Garrett illegally used campaign funds to send campaign fundraising emails without his knowledge. In the complaint, published by the News-Sun, former deputy political director David B. Ritchie alleged that Garrett’s office had received more than $2,100 in taxpayer money as a result.

Garrett’s staff has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

A judge recently threw out the lawsuit cl더킹카지노aiming the allegations are false and said Garrett would be free to campaign again if necessary.

Garrett plans to run again for state treasurer, although it’s not clear if he’ll run as an independent or as a Republican. He’s known to be close with Republican Gov. Terry Branstad and has a close bond w바카라사이트ith Branstad,바카라사이트 so he could win the state’s GOP primary. He has not yet announced where he will run in November.